ROKJAM 3D VR Headset Technology For iPhone & Android Smartphones Fortyninersgoldrush LLC

ROKJAM 3D VR Headset Technology For iPhone & Android Smartphones Fortyninersgoldrush LLC

  • EXTRA LIGHT AND NATURAL FIT! –ROCKJAM’s innovative design weighs less than other VR Headsets, protecting you by taking strain off of your neck…The natural fit of your virtual reality glasses means you won’t even know you’re wearing goggles! Also, with extra room for eyeglasses, you’ll have a comfortable & quality experience!
  • FAST & EASY FOCUS LENSES!! –Our focus lenses are high quality, crystal clear. You can focus easily with an external remote that will adjust to your natural eyesight QUICK. Unlike other virtual reality headsets, this practical feature protects you by removing any eye strain that causes pain!
  • COMFORTABLE PADDING & COMPLETE 360 VIEW! –Other VR headsets don’t give you the full experience because they don’t take up your entire field of view…Also with thick & comfortable foam padding, you won’t even know you’re wearing your VR glasses. ROKJAM makes sure you’re immersed in an HD world of virtual reality by giving you a Real 360 3D & COMFORTABLE Experience!!
  • PROTECTS ALL SMARTPHONES! –The soft plastic on the inside of your ROKJAM 3D VR Headset protects your screen or phone case from getting scratched!
  • BEST VALUE GUARANTEED! –No other virtual reality headset compares to ours when it comes to quality & the best, most rockin’ VR Experience ever! Your virtual reality goggles are Discounted for a Limited Time…So Click Add To Cart NOW & Experience new worlds!
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Are You Excited To Experience Comfortable & Natural VR?!
Virtual Reality doesn’t feel real if your headset is uncomfortable or painful...
That’s why ROKJAM uses a virtual reality technology that includes SUPER SOFT & COMFORTABLE foam that supports your eyes as well as a design that fits naturally around your face!
With this Ultra Comfortable Experience, you might forget you’re wearing your VR Glasses!

You’ll Easily Focus Your Invisible Lenses In Seconds
You could spend hours trying to focus the lenses of other Virtual Reality goggles…and you may still never get it ‘Just Right’
Your friends at ROKJAM care about your priceless time!
If you want to spend less time turning confusing dials & instead start enjoying a realistic virtual reality game or movie, then we’ve solved your problem…
You can adjust your VR lenses in as little as 10 seconds to avoid eye strain!
And with a COMPLETE 360 view, you’ll feel like part of your video or movie!

You Can Finally See Breathtaking 3D VR That FEELS REAL!
Other VR Headset brands think that a 100 degree field of view is a 360 degrees FOV… But you know that’s not true.
If you want a REALISTIC 3D VR Experience that takes your breath away, you need the best quality virtual reality system!
ROKJAM Is That System, with a complete field of view taken up by your amazing HD VR view!

What Makes ROKJAM The Best?!

  • Super Comfortable foam inserts!
  • Fits Naturally!
  • Eliminates neck & eye strain!
  • Fast & Easy lens focusing!
  • Light as a feather!
  • USA Company!
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee!
  • Compatible with iPhone | Android | IOS | Samsung | LG | HTC & More!

ROKJAM Believes You Deserve The BEST!
If You’re Ready to experience the most natural, comfortable, easy & breathtaking 3D Virtual Reality, Click Add To Cart NOW!
But HURRY! This low price is Limited…So Take Advantage of this Deal Before It’s Too Late!
I paid full price for this and as a result will provide a real review. The "manual" is worthless for both the viewer and the remote. Looking at other VR you figure out how to use the viewer. I have a S7 and had to remove it from the case to get it fit. This allows for some wiggle which impacts the playback. Other viewers were able to take the phone and case with no issue. I could not find the QR code to setup cardboard with the viewer

The viewer itself is nice that it has padding but did not sense it was any lighter than others. The adjustments took a bit to get to my liking, but that's personal based on one's vision. My vision is better than 20/20.

Inside the remote it says it takes AA batteries, but there is no way they fit. Put in AAA as it seemed the right size. It worked and connected to the phone but that's about it. I wasn't able to use the remote for anything useful.

There are other viewers that are less expensive that provide the same experience. The number of reviewers that were comped is telling.
By pm9r33n September 16, 2016
Works perfectly with my iphone 5s! I was comparing 4 different VR headsets, chose this product after reading most reviews, and now I love to play with this VR headset. I tested with VR apps from the App Store and video clips from Youtube, it did a geat job with them. Easy to handle and adjust focal and pupillary distance. I saw one review saying it is pretty heavy to put on more than 20 mins or something but I don't think it's that heavy (I'm not muscular, just an average woman). Oh, and just make sure that a bluetooth remote controller comes together doesn't cooperate with iphones.
By Amazon Customer November 8, 2016
Returned- Cant compare with any other. this was the only one I tried. Returned cause the area where my nose fits was getting crushed. They need to make that area LARGER or more padded. I downloaded a simple roller coaster ride and was not impressed.
By jim hall November 10, 2016
Perhaps I didn't read all of the questions, but I didn't see that this was not compatible with a Galaxy X7. Well, the headset is but the controller doesn't work. There is, in effect, no user guide or documentation. The battery compartment states that it uses 2 AA batteries, but it needs 2 AAA batteries. All 'round terrible device.
By Shady Kay December 5, 2016
Not bad, but still not quite enough room for eyeglass wearers. Remote useless for iPhones. But good introduction to VR.
By S. Kanter November 2, 2016
This is a great VR headset. Clear easy to adjust focus. Comfortable light weight. I have an iPhone 6 Plus that I keep in a life proof case. I was able to slide out the adjustable phone holes and insert my phone with no problem. This is going to be given as a gift to a 13 year old and I'm positive he will love it too.
By Mary Steeves November 16, 2016
Obviously this is no a high end Vr headset, but it really is comfortable and works well with my Nexus 6P and iPhone 6 Plus. I have tried a few apps and watched a few movies.

I like it
By Levi R. Carroll Jr. May 24, 2017
The product is what it is and it's pretty much the same as all the other ones. I found the strap to be a little uncomfortable but overall enjoyable
By Robert S. January 19, 2017